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Why Avoid Raw Meat And Playing With Cats During Pregnancy?

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Why avoid raw meat during pregnancy? There are so many types of microbes and most of them are parasites that live on other animals or human beings. The naked eyes can't see them and that is why you cannot even know that they are living on you.

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But one sign of parasites infecting you is illness. When you fall sick, it means those little devils are robbing your health. And during pregnancy, it is very important to keep some parasites away.

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Here is a new study that says that a parasite named Toxoplasma-Gondii is very dangerous for pregnant women. Read on to know several facts.


Why Avoid Meat During Pregnancy?

Under cooked meat can be very dangerous to pregnant women. And even infected cat feces around the home is also dangerous. Why?



A parasite known as Toxoplasma-Gondii could cause birth defects and even premature births. How do women get infected with this kind of a parasite? Well, both undercooked meat and cat feces in around the home could raise the risk of this infection.

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What Else Can This Parasite Do?

The first risk is miscarriage. Another risk if premature birth. The third risk is birth defects in the born baby. The defects could be brain damage or eye damage.


Does The Parasite Affect Adults?

Generally, if your immunity is strong, the parasite cannot affect you much. But it could make pregnant women fall sick. Other healthy people who get infected may simply experience flu-like symptoms for a few days.



Some of the symptoms of the infection include fever, headache, anorexia, stiff neck, sore throat, confusion, rashes, nausea, earache and abdominal pain.

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More About The Parasite

Toxoplasma-Gondii is a micro (single-cell) parasite which can live inside your cell. It belongs to the protozoa category of microbes. Current estimates say that nearly half of the people in the world carry it! And yes, even cats do carry this parasite!


Does It Affect Brain?

The infection caused by this microbe is believed to change even human behaviour (studies are yet to confirm this). It is said to affect the brain and also make a person more impulsive.

It is said to increase the risk of suffering schizophrenia. These claims are yet to be confirmed by other health experts. But pregnant women should keep cats away and avoid eating undercooked meat.

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