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Unwanted Hair Growth During Pregnancy

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There is a lot being talked about various physiological changes that occur during pregnancy. But in fact, one of the things that can occur during pregnancy is change in hair colour.

Actually, it need not be change of colour or greying. It could also be growth of facial hair in some. If you have been through that, you must have suspected the shampoo or conditioner and its quality.

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Here are some facts related to hair changes during pregnancy.


Does The Colour Change?

Yes in some cases, the colour of the hair could undergo changes during pregnancy. The reason could be hormonal action. The reason could be higher levels of melanin in the skin and hair.


What Is The Cause?

In some women, androgen and estrogen could result in healthier hair during pregnancy. But if the hair turns grey while you are pregnant, it could be due to certain nutritional deficiencies.


Is It A Permanent Change?

In some women, yes, it could be a permanent change. In some women, the greying of hair could occur after delivery.

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What Else Could Happen?

In some women, unwanted hair growth could occur. In some, the hair on the scalp could thicken. In some, curly hair could become straight. In some oily scalp could become dry.

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What Deficiency Could It Be?

It could even be due to lack of vitamin B12. Can this be reversed? Well, try taking enough of all nutrients through a balanced diet.


What Is It All About?

It could all be due to the crazy ups or down of certain hormones. Some women report certain changes in the nature and the structure of the hair.

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