New Contraceptive Method For Men: Can It Work?

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If you are a man who does not like using condoms while love making, there could be some good news for you. A ground-breaking research study has come up with a possible contraceptive method for men!

Now, contraceptive medications and devices are some of the most widely sold items, globally; this is a fact.

Numerous couples, all over the world, use various contraceptive methods like oral pills, condoms, intrauterine devices, spermicidal gels, etc., in order to prevent having children.

male contraceptive method

Many people would want to delay having children, for various reasons like career advancement, not having found the right partner to start a family with, feeling that they are too young to have children, etc.

Especially these days, where more and more people, especially youngsters, are indulging in casual sex, contraceptives become extremely important to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Until now, majority of the contraceptive methods are made for women, and they do have some negative side effects.

So, read about the new contraceptive method for men, that scientists are in the process of developing.

male contraceptive method

Contraceptive Methods For Women
To prevent unwanted pregnancies, either a condom has to be used during sexual intercourse, or other methods like hormonal pills and intrauterine devices have to be used just by women.

Both hormonal pills and intrauterine devices can have various sideeffects on a woman's health, like depression, acne, headache, internal bleeding, cramps, etc.

So, keeping this in mind, a group of researchers have come up with an alternative male contraceptive method.

male contraceptive method

The New Male Contraceptive Method
Currently, the only two male contraceptives available are condoms and vasectomy (which is a surgical procedure and is permanent). However, a new method called Vasalgel has been developed which can act as an effective contraceptive method for men.

Vasalgel is a gel, which is injected into the man, to stop the sperm cells from being ejected out along with the semen, thus preventing pregnancies, even in the absence of condoms.

male contraceptive method

Vasalgel has proven to be effective in preventing pregnancies in monkeys and rabbits, so the scientists feel that it could work on human males too.

Vasalgel is yet to be released in the markets, as the scientists are doing further research on it, but they are extremely hopeful!

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Story first published: Friday, February 10, 2017, 15:30 [IST]
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