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Why It Is Good To Lose Weight Before Pregnancy

Before getting pregnant, it is better to ensure that you are healthy on many levels. This includes body weight. When you are planning to conceive, it is wiser to lose unwanted weight first.

Being overweight before pregnancy may cause several issues during pregnancy. Losing a few pounds and then getting pregnant will reduce several health risks for you and your baby too.

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If you are not convinced, then here are some more reasons to inspire you to lose some weight before getting pregnant.


Birth Complications

Many studies blame obesity for certain complications like still births, miscarriage and even birth defects.

Fertility Levels

Actually, being overweight could also reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Yes, obesity could interfere with your fertility levels.

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Gestational Diabetes

Obesity during pregnancy could also increase the risk of high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and certain other complications.

Childhood Diabetes

Putting aside the general risks, there are other life-long risks that may take a toll on the health of the baby in the future if the mother is overweight during pregnancy. One such problem includes childhood diabetes.

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Lose Weight

Does it mean you have to shed a lot of weight? No, but if you are somewhere in the range of healthy weight, you don't need to worry that much. But this shouldn't make you starve yourself as that would also deprive your body of the necessary nutrients.

Pregnancy Weight Gains

Generally, pregnancy could cause weight gains. But when you are slim before pregnancy, the gained weight will not affect you much. But if you are already overweight, the extra gains during pregnancy may be alarming.

After Delivery...

Experts say that women of healthy weight tend to be able to deal with the pregnancy much better than those who are obese at the time of pregnancy. Another advantage of being slim before pregnancy is you will be able to lose your weight faster after delivery.

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