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Is Egg Freezing Worth It?


The concept of freezing eggs is slowly becoming a popular trend in many parts of the world. This process involves extracting egg cells from the ovaries and storing them under ideal conditions to preserve them for future use.

Egg freezing surely helps in increasing the chances of getting pregnant at an older age. But researchers advice not to rely too much on such procedures when you can have children when you are young enough.

More About Egg Freezing

Are you wondering why? Well, here are some facts that will explain you more about egg freezing.


Fact #1

It isn't wise to postpone pregnancy just because there are facilities like egg freezing. When you have the time, resources and good health, it is better to have a kid rather than waiting for a later age.

The efficiency, success rate, safety and risks of egg freezing is not yet completely studied.


Fact #2

For women who have inevitable reasons to postpone pregnancy, the process of egg freezing will surely be of great help. This is true especially for women who are on the verge of losing their fertility rate due to any health reason.

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Fact #3

Statistics show that a very small percentage of women have actually used the stored eggs. In fact, out of every 100 women who freeze their eggs, only 5 are said to use them. The rest may generally change their minds.


Fact #4

The only thing you need to remember is: egg freezing may not guarantee pregnancy. The process helps in storing eggs but many other factors play a role in successful and healthy pregnancy.

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Fact #5

If you wish to freeze your eggs, it is advisable to do it when you are young. Reports suggest that women who store their eggs after 35 have lower chances of conceiving.

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Fact #6

A lot has to be studied to conclude how efficient this method is. Currently, a very small number of cases are recorded. So, it would be wiser to rely on such a method only in inevitable situations.

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Story first published: Friday, June 30, 2017, 17:17 [IST]
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