Can Breastfeeding Moms Dye Their Hair?

By: Asha Das
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Once you are free from your loose maternity clothes, it is easy for you to return to your normal sized and more fashionable wears.

But, when it comes to anything related to the skin or hair care, you might think twice because now you are a breastfeeding mother. Anything with chemicals in it will still be something that you may be scared to try.

Getting a makeover is the best way to take back the grip to your normal life after the long nine months of big tummy, hair loss and skin pigmentation. Hair makeover is the best way for this. But, can a breastfeeding mom dye or perm her hair?

Let's go through this article and find ways to make it possible. So, before staying away from trying a hair dye or hair perming, look for options that will make the process safe for you and your baby.

Most of the permanent and semi-permanent hair-dying products don't have toxic contents in them that cause harm. There are products that are safe even for pregnant women to use.

Still, the question on "can a breastfeeding mom dye or perm her hair" can always be a tough one to answer. Even when there is no harm, people tend to suspect it. Let's now discuss about some of the facts related to this:


Chemicals Used In Hair Dyes

Before getting tensed, you must know about the chemicals used in the hair treatments. According to experts, chemicals used in hair dyes are not absorbed by the scalp or it doesn't enter into the bloodstream, so there is no possibility for it to be mixed with the milk. So, dying hair during breastfeeding is not harmful.


Dye Only The Hair Strands & Not The Scalp

Even if you are not satisfied or have doubts on the chemicals, it is better to choose another alternative. If you are looking for trying a new colour, do it on the hair strands without making the chemical come in contact with the scalp. Get the help of an expert hair stylist. You will get the same effect and you can be tension free.


Vegetable Dyes

If you are concerned about the safety or health of your baby, you can opt for vegetable dyes. Vegetable hair dyes are safer than the chemical ones used for hair dyes and perming hair. Henna is the best option you can go for because it gives great colour and also conditions the hair.


Hair Dye At Home

You can reduce the risk of colouring your hair by doing it yourself. Choose an organic product. Just wear good gloves while applying the dye and the important thing is that don't keep the dye for a long time. Minimum time is good for the hair. It is better to do it in a well-ventilated room. And rinse your hair thoroughly, once the dye is left for a minimum amount of time.


Temporary Methods

Yes, it is better not to choose a permanent perming or straightening procedure if you are concerned about the safety of your baby. Temporary methods are the best options. It is easy to change your hairstyle than opting for hair dyes or hair perming procedure, if you still have doubts.

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Story first published: Monday, January 30, 2017, 12:13 [IST]
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