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Don’t Overuse Antibiotics In Pregnancy!


Are you using antibiotics during pregnancy? Then you may need to know about the results of a new study. Researchers claim that it may raise the risk of inflammatory bowel disease in the children later on in the future.

Researchers experimented with mice to discover this fact. Overuse of antibiotics during pregnancy as well as during the breastfeeding stage is not good for the baby.

Side Effects Of Antibiotics

Doing so may increase the risk of inflammatory conditions in the bowel of the kid. So, consult your doctor if the usage of antibiotics is inevitable during those periods. Here are some facts.


The Risks

The problem with antibiotics is that they may cause certain changes to the levels of gut microbes and this may disturb their harmonious balance.


Inflammatory Bowel Conditions

Such changes to the mother's body may also influence the baby and this might raise the risk of inflammatory bowel conditions in the kid.

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Careless Usage

The timing of using antibiotics is very crucial during pregnancy and that is why careless usage is not at all recommended.


The Antibiotics

The antibiotics may hamper the growth of beneficial bacteria in the baby and this may cause changes to the immune system.

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Does it mean that usage of antibiotics should be totally stopped during pregnancy or breastfeeding stage? No, but researchers say that moderation and careful usage is important in inevitable conditions.

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