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Why Do Women Get Dreams Of Pregnancy

By Debdatta Mazumder

Have you ever dreamt of having sex or all your hair has fallen off or you have reached somewhere naked? Well, these dreams are quite common and can make you laugh when you wake up.

But, if a non-pregnant woman suddenly dreams of having a baby bump and doesn't know why it is there, it can turn quite freaky! Actually, not.

Many of the women, rather all of them, at a certain point get dreams of being pregnant. Even experts claim that having this kind of a dream repeatedly is nothing abnormal at all.

But, what you dream about pregnancy has different meanings. So, if you want to know why women get dreams of pregnancy, you can read on. Listed here are different types of pregnancy dreams that women get and also the reason behind having such dreams.

1. Dreaming Of Your Pregnancy: If you see yourself with heavy legs in your dreams it means there is something huge in your life that is happening and growing, and you are not ready to take the responsibility. May be you have fear of accepting it now.

2. Dreaming Of Pregnancy Test: Why do you have dreams where you see yourself checking for pregnancy? According to dream specialists, if there are sudden changes coming to your life and you have to face the changes whether you are ready or not, you get such dreams. It also indicates that you fear of getting pregnant.

3. Dreams Of Having A Baby: Usually, this dream may be the outcome of your simple and innocent mind. Otherwise, it also indicates that you are over-thinking of new projects or tasks in your life.

4. Dreams Of Getting An Ultrasound: This is one of the positive dreams in your life. If you get this dream, it means there is something new that is going to happen in your life like moving to a new place, getting a new job or a promotion. If married women have this dream it suggests they are trying to get pregnant.

5. Dreams Of Going To The Hospital: If you are pregnant and having this dream, it clearly suggests your desire to be completely taken care of. It shows your dependence on your close people and how you rely on them to face adverse situations in life.

6. Dreams Of Giving Birth To A Non-Human Creature: That is really creepy, but experts say it is common. Having dreams of giving birth to something monstrous means there are difficulties in your life to achieve your goal. When pregnant women get this dream, it means they are worried about the health of their baby.

7. Dreams Of Giving Birth To A Stillborn Baby Or Dying At The Labor Room: This is horrifying! But it means you are losing trust on someone or something in your life. It also suggests that your life is facing some dead end and you don't know how to face it.

8. Dreams Of Having A Miscarriage: If you are pregnant and having this dream, it means you are too much anxious about your pregnancy. When you are not pregnant and still having the dream, then it shows some plan of your life is not working anymore.

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