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Why Are Men's Sperm Rates Falling?

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Researchers are struggling to identify the exact reason why the sperm count in today's men is gradually dipping compared to the men of the previous generation.

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According to some studies, the rates are falling by nearly 35% every 10 years. Could it be the diet or the new lifestyle?

Also, there are other researchers who are simply saying that the rates are stable and there's nothing to worry. There are conflicting opinions about whether the rates are falling or stable.

But a group of Spanish researchers recently claimed that the rates are declining by2-3% per year even in men who are still young!

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Well, one thing is true. The environment changed in the past 5 decades. Our lifestyles have changed drastically in the past few decades. Food habits also changed a lot. So, food and environmental factors can surely play a role in how much of quality sperm a man produces. Isn't it?

Now, let us discuss more about this....


Fact #1

In a smoker, the sperm count may dip by 15%. But a man who is born to a mother who smoked heavily when she was pregnant may experience sperm count which could be 41% lower than normal.


Fact #2

The lifestyle of a mother also affects the son's sperm count. Also, the state of health of a mother during pregnancy could impact the son's sperm count.


Fact #3

Another reason for the falling sperm count could also be the rise in obesity rates both in men and women. Yes, obesity could also decline fertility both in men and women. Also, obese parents may give birth to a male with lower sperm quality.


Fact #4

Also, the environmental chemicals play a role. Certain chemicals may inhibit testosterone levels. Also, when a pregnant mother is exposed to certain chemicals, her male offspring may experience lower rates of fertility.


Fact #5

Whether you believe it or not, even a tight underwear can kill sperm. Men's genitals may need more air to produce well.


Fact #6

Also, hot baths could kill the sperm count drastically. Especially, men who are planning to become proud fathers should stay away from hot baths.


Fact #7

Radiation and chemicals in cleaning products could also do some amount of damage to the sperm cells. And then smoking and too much of alcohol may hurt your sperm.

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