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Does Sunscreen Lotion Affect Your Sperm?

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Certain studies claim that some ingredients in sunscreen lotion could also mess up with the quality of the sperm.

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When men smear sunscreen to their bodies in order to protect their skin from the sun, seldom do they know that the traces of certain chemicals are found in their samples after using the lotion.

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Not all, but some brands of sunscreen lotions do contain certain chemicals which might interfere with the man's baby making fluids.

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A peculiar chemical is said to prevent the sperm cell form fertilising an egg. If reports are to be believed, men may need to consult a doctor to get the safest brand of sunscreen prescribed at least during the period in which they try to produce the next generation.

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The list of chemicals that are used as ingredients in sunscreen lotions are generally printed on the label and your doctor may easily tell you about the harmful ones.

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It is better to keep your body chemical free during the phase of reproduction to maximize your chances of producing a healthy baby.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 4:10 [IST]
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