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What Men Don't Know About Sperm Cells

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Men know a lot about romance but very less about the final product of romance. A sperm cell is the the first messenger from a man to a woman that confirms the event of a love making session.

Though not all love making sessions are aimed to reproduce, the human body still does its duty of sending enough sperm cells in order to increase the probability of conception.

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As many studies claim that the sperm count of men of today's generation have reduced by almost 50%, it is important for all of us to know as much as possible about the health and quality of sperm.

Here are some quick facts about the basics of sperm cells.


Fact #1

In each millimeter of ejaculate, nearly 20 to 100 million sperm cells are present. A healthy man can produce around 1 to 5 ml of semen in each ejaculation.


Fact #2

The head of the sperm cell carries genetic material, the mid section carries mitochondria which powers the tail and the tail is flagellum that helps in the swimming process.


Fact #3

The size of a sperm cell is about 50 micrometers which is about 0.05 millimeter. Your naked eyes can't see such a small cell.


Fact #4

Human eggs can be seen with a naked eye as they are around 30 times bigger in size compared to a sperm cell.


Fact #5

Sperm cells can detect certain substances that are produced by the egg. That is how they could travel in the direction where an egg is present. As are eggs generally in the areas where the temperature is high in the reproductive parts, detecting their location could get easier to a sperm cell that tries to swim there.


Fact #6

These sperm cells can swim a distance of 0.2 meters in a span of one hour. The fastest swimming sperm cell wins the egg's heart and hand.


Fact #7

Sperm cells may die in a couple of hours when they are out side the human body. But inside a woman's body, they can survive for 3-5days.


Fact #8

Are sperm counts declining in this modern era? Well, there are contradicting opinions about this as some studies say that they have declined drastically in today's men whereas some studies claim that they have been stable.


Fact #9

After an ejaculation, the remaining sperm cells which aren't ejaculated or sent out of the body are generally absorbed back into the male's body.

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