Why All Men Don't Produce The Same Amount Of Semen?

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All of us are different. The same applies to the body's capacity of producing semen. Many men wonder why their sperm count or quality isn't the same compared to others.

Many factors come into play. Your body is in a constant state of change. Your living conditions, lifestyle and many other factors decide how healthy you are.

In the same way, all those conditions may also have their say in how much sperm your body can produce at a particular point of time, age or phase of life. Here are some more aspects to consider...


Factor #1

You are made of what you eat. If your diet is of good quality, your sperm will be of good quality (if other factors are also in place).


Factor #2

Not all men have the time to stay fit. Physical activity also plays a role in the amount or quality of semen you produce. Studies say that men who workout regularly will have chances of producing more semen.


Factor #3

Not all men can deal with stress in the same way. Stress kills your sperm quality and count. The amount of stress in your life also affects your sperm production.


Factor #4

Not all men are lucky to enjoy a peaceful life. Yes, even negative thoughts and depressive thoughts can hamper your semen production according to some studies.


Factor #5

Yes, even genetics play a role in how much semen you produce. If your ancestors were healthy, you will have better chances of producing semen of good quality.

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