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These Kitchen Ingredients Can Help You Get Pregnant Faster!

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If you are a woman who has been trying to conceive for a while now, but the journey has been disappointing, then may be it is time for you to consider a few amazing kitchen ingredients for faster pregnancy.

Understandably, when you and your partner are yearning for a child and it does not seem to be working out, it can be quite heart-breaking, right?

Most couples would want to become parents at some point in their lives and when their efforts fail, it could make them wonder how to get pregnant faster.

While there are many medical procedures that can help speed up the process of pregnancy, there are also a few nutritious kitchen ingredients for faster pregnancy.

Natural ways to get pregnant are always better when compared to expensive medical procedures, as they can save both your time and money. Also, these procedures could have numerous side effects.

There are a few foods which work best if you want to get pregnant faster, by nourishing your body.

So, here is a list of kitchen ingredients for faster pregnancy that can be included in your diet, have a look.


1. Channa

Home remedies for faster pregnancy include channa or chickpeas, which is rich in protein and can keep your ovaries well nourished.


2. Paneer

Paneer is yet another form of protein that can strengthen your reproductive organs, thus proving to be a natural ingredient that aids faster pregnancy.


3. Ice Cream

Yes, good news! A research study has found that certain milk fats found in ice creams can stimulate the production of pregnancy hormones, aiding faster pregnancy.


4. Leafy Greens

Another home remedy to get pregnant faster is to include a lot of leafy greens in your diet. The vitamins and minerals found in leafy greens will regulate hormonal imbalances to help you conceive.


5. Pumpkin Seeds

Among kitchen ingredients for faster pregnancy, pumpkin seeds can be included, as they are rich in iron content, which can aid faster pregnancy in women.


6. Olive Oil

Olive oil can also be a natural way to get pregnant faster, as it can reduce inflammation; and body inflammation is known to affect conception in some cases.


7. Fish

Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E that can aid conception effectively, thus proving to be one of the best kitchen ingredients for faster pregnancy.

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Story first published: Friday, August 19, 2016, 13:45 [IST]
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