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Does The Vagina Lose Its Tightness After Normal Delivery?

From the minute a woman learns of her conception, her mind is clouded with a lot of concerns. One of the most common questions many pregnant women have is whether their vagina can lose its tightness after a normal childbirth procedure.

As much as pregnancy is a celebratory period of the mothers-to-be, it can also be a trying period because a pregnant woman's body is constantly changing and growing in size, in order to accommodate the baby in the womb.

Changes are experienced both physically and mentally, when a woman gets pregnant, as a lot of hormonal changes occur in her body.

There are a million questions and concerns a woman will have while she is pregnant, and some of these questions are about her health after childbirth.

Now, as some of us may be aware, a normal delivery, also known as a vaginal child birth, is considered to be healthier than a C-section, so most woman hope for a normal delivery.

However, many women fear that their vagina can lose its tightness after a normal delivery.

Does normal delivery really affect the vagina? Read along to find out.

What Happens During Normal Delivery?

During the process of a normal childbirth, the baby is pushed out through the cervix of the vagina, induced by contractions that occur during labour.

So, when a baby has to exit through the vaginal opening, the cervix has to dilate to make way. Normally, the cervix expands and stretches up to 5 cm during childbirth.

The expansion of the vagina or the vagina "becoming loose" after childbirth may be temporary or can last for quite a long duration, depending on the age of the mother, number of children, etc.

Although a loose vagina does not lead to any major health complications, it can cause problems in the bedroom department!

Many women complain that their partners are not able to enjoy sexual intercourse, after normal delivery, due to the loss of vaginal tightness.

In fact, surveys have reported that many men are rather dissatisfied by sexual intercourse with their partner, after the lady has had a normal delivery due to the same reason!

So, in conclusion, many women do experience the loss of vaginal tightness after normal delivery.

However, by talking to a professional and practicing certain vaginal tightening exercises, it is said that the tightness can be regained back in time!

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2016, 15:19 [IST]