Karwa Chauth: Tips That Pregnant Women Can Follow While Fasting

By: Asha Das
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Karwa Chauth is an important festival that is celebrated by married women for their husband's long and happy life. In northern part of India and in some parts of South India, this is celebrated with huge pomp and pride.

On this particular day, married women fast the whole day without even drinking water. It is said that one who observes the fast should not even sip water till the lady sees the moon.

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But this Karwa Chauth fasting becomes a rather difficult task for expecting mothers. Pregnant women need to take some extra care while fasting, as it may affect their health.

However, most would-be mothers think it as auspicious and fast for their husbands. Staying hungry for a long time can have adverse effects on a mother's as well as the baby's health.

There are some easy tips for fasting during Karwa Chauth, which pregnant women can follow. Before the day of fasting, it is better to consult a doctor.

For pregnant women, it would be good to take food which is allowed to be had during fasting. In this article, we'll discuss about some of the easy tips for fasting that pregnant women can follow.


What To Eat Before Vrat/Fasting

If you have planned to take the Karwa Chauth vrat, then it is better to eat in the morning before 4 O'clock. Food like Sargi and Meve can be eaten by pregnant women. You can also take a glass of milk, which helps to keep you healthy the whole day. Usually, at the time of pregnancy, you will not feel like having food in the early hours, but it is good to start your fasting with food.


What To Eat During Vrat/Fasting

When pregnant women observe Karwa Chauth vrat, it is advised to eat the food items which are allowed by the religion. They can eat fruits during the fasting. Small bananas or apples or pomegranate can be eaten, so that you will feel fresh. It is better to have fruits or fruit juices in every two hours once.


What To Eat After Vrat/Fasting

Yes, after Karwa Chauth fasting, it is the time to have a big meal. You may be hungry and tired, as you haven't eaten any solid food. It is recommended to have curd after breaking the fast. It is also better to avoid high-calorie or fatty foods. Sweet items also can be avoided while you break your fast.


No Teas Or Coffees During Vrat/Fasting

During your Karwa Chauth fast, it is better to avoid caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee. It may create gestational problems. As carrying women tend to have health problems soon, it is recommend to avoid drinking tea or coffee soon after. For reducing dehydration, you can drink fresh juice or even coconut water.


Avoid Oily Foods During Vrat/Fasting

A healthy meal is always essential for pregnant women. While you are following theKarwa Chauth fasting, it is good to avoid oily foods. Oily foods can worsen health problems and it may be difficult to suffer from these during the pregnancy period. It is even suggested to avoid oily foods while breaking the fast.


Drink Plenty Of Water Before And After Vrat/Fasting

If you are fasting without water, it is recommended by the doctors to start your fasting and end it by drinking plenty of water. But, as pregnant women are not allowed to fast without water, it is better to sip water in between, every hour.
So, these are some of the Karwa Chauth fasting tips that pregnant women can follow.

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