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Parenting Tips For Fathers Who Burn Out Quickly

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"Your kids require you most of all to love them for who they are, not to spend your whole time trying to correct them." - Bill Ayers

Each of us have a different threshold for bearing stress. While some people can manage to go through a lifetime of challenging events without so much as a single tear, others might feel stressed at the drop of a hat.

As parents, fathers tend to be more laid back and relaxed. They leave majority of the disciplining to the mothers. However, if you are in charge of disciplining your child, then chances are that you might feel "burned out" from time to time.

Trying time is not quitting time, especially if you have a long way ahead. Parenting is a task that is never really done, and this is something that worries many parents.

burned out father

Even when your child is 30 years old, he/she might come to you for advice. May be when your child is 35 years old, he/she might have a heated argument with you.

Worrying continuously about a future that has not yet happened and being unforgiving to your own mistakes are two ways to create "burn out dads!"

Continue reading to know how to parent your child without feeling like you just want your child to grow up and instantly!

6 Ways To Reduce The Stress From Burning You Out

burned out father

Incessant Worrying
Keep reminding yourself that you are human and that you are doing the best you can. Remind yourself every day that you cannot control things that have not yet happened. Also, remind yourself that you cannot change the past, even if you really want to.

Be forgiving, especially with yourself. There is no such thing as a perfect parent, but there is indeed something as a caring parent who tries hard every day to be better than he was yesterday.

burned out father

Practice Short Time Outs But For Yourself
When you feel over-whelmed and cannot take the pressure any more, take a short break. This technique can go a long way in ensuring your mental sanity and happiness. However, make sure that you restrict the time-out period to a maximum of 15 minutes.

Give Importance to "Me Time"
If you had a hobby in the past and the hobby kept you happy, then restart the hobby again. If you did not have a hobby in the past, then find something that you might feel passionate about now.

Choose a hobby with care, as some hobbies are dangerous while others are addictive. Remember that your child will need you healthy for a long time and parenting is a full-time job.

burned out father

Get To The Root Cause
You are feeling burned out because your child is hyperactive at the age of 10 and just won't calm down. The cause of your mental exhaustion is your child's hyperactive nature. Getting to the root of the problem can help you find a viable solution.

For instance, if your child is hyperactive, then not giving him/her 3-4 hours before bed time can do you good.

burned out father

Share Your Experience With Other Parents
Chances are that there are other parents in your close circle or even neighbourhood that have experienced similar situations. Speaking to them and getting information on the things they did at such times can be helpful.

Remember to use your judgement and filter out any unhelpful tips. The goal should be to follow tips that are applicable in your situation and can help you out.

Find Happiness By Looking At The Bigger Picture
There is a difference between living in the present and worrying about it! Yes, you should enjoy the moments that exist right now, but you should also look at the bigger picture. The reason you should focus at the bigger picture is because right now, there might be many limitations and restrictions that might be worrying you.

These limitations might not be allowing you to enjoy the present. The only way to look at the bigger picture and not worry about the problems of the present is to adjust to your surroundings and condition your mind accordingly.

Yes, parenting can be a daunting task, but at the end of the day, it is a very rewarding task as well. Think of the relationship between you and your father, godfather or real-life role model. They have gone through similar challenges while raising you, but are still happy with the end result!

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Story first published: Friday, May 13, 2016, 12:30 [IST]
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