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Why Is Hypertension During Pregnancy Dangerous

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A new study reveals that women who suffer high BP when pregnant may also have high chances of developing cardiovascular issues and even diabetes in their later years.

Why Is High BP During Pregnancy Risky1

This study emphasises the fact that hypertension could be very dangerous, that too, during pregnancy.

Also, this study says that women who suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy may have 6 times higher chances of developing health issues like metabolic syndrome later on.

Why Is High BP During Pregnancy Risky2

Researchers analysed more than 500 women who were in various stages of pregnancy. None of them had a history of high blood pressure or cholesterol levels.

Why Is High BP During Pregnancy Risky3

Health experts finally say that high BP during pregnancy could be a signal to various health issues that may appear later on in life.

Why Is High BP During Pregnancy Risky4

So, it is good to make lifestyle changes in order to prevent health risks later on. As pregnancy challenges the health of a woman drastically, high BP should be carefully handled.

Why Is High BP During Pregnancy Risky5

Also, soon after the delivery, the woman may need to work on several lifestyle factors like food and activity levels in order to decrease the risk of several other diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart issues.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 29, 2016, 6:10 [IST]
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