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5 Unstoppable Ways To Protect Your Intimate Life From Kids

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Having that strong sexual bond after bringing a kid into this world is tough. Most of the couples these days forget that they still have to get under the sheets and fall in love once again.

Many couples often understand that once the child comes into the family, all the attention should be on that child alone.

This kind of an attitude affects the growth of your marriage; and after a period of time, your marriage might also be on the rocks.

5 Unstoppable Ways To Protect Your Intimate Life From Kids

No matter what age or how busy you might get, having that intimate time for your partner is the most important thing.

Experts state that after you bring a child into your home, you should not forget the existence of one another. Give your relationship the respect and time, and if kids are a problem in the bedroom, do something about it.

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Today, Boldsky suggests a couple of ways you can protect your intimate life from your kids. If you are having trouble to escape from the little ones, here are some points to keep in mind the next time you find the need to get under the sheets.

So, take a look at these 5 amazing and hot ways to reignite that passion in your marriage:

Get A Babysitter ASAP

Get A Babysitter ASAP: If the children are not blessed with grandparents around, the only option you can turn to is a babysitter. Hire a babysitter to watch the little ones, while the two of you get to spend some time together.

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Follow Bedtime Rules

Follow Bedtime Rules: It is necessary for parents to teach their children bedtime rules. Once your children are aware that you are strict about their bed timings, they will automatically leave the two of you alone to spend those romantic moments together.

Latch That Door To Heaven

Latch That Door To Heaven: If kids are a problem and you can't seem to find a solution, latch the door for a quickie. Get the elder sibling to keep an eye on the little one while you get down to business with the love of your life.

Get To Bed Early

Get To Bed Early: Get to bed early yourself. In this way, your kids will sleep early too, giving the two of you a chance to get naughty under the sheets.

Talk About Sex

Talk About Sex: You are never too old to talk about sex. If you miss it with your partner, find the time to bring the topic up and tell your loved one how much you miss it. You never know, you may get lucky that night too!

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Story first published: Thursday, April 7, 2016, 10:45 [IST]
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