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Do Nuts Increase Sperm Production?

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A recent study claims that snacking on nuts can boost male fertility. After conducting a study on nearly 100 men, researchers claim that peanuts, walnuts and almonds can enhance the quality of sperm.

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This study further claims that men who ate walnuts regularly have shown improvements in their sperm motility and quality. Nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which are said to enhance the quality of sperm.

Walnuts and almonds contain an amino acid known as arginine which can enhance the production of sperm. Also, peanuts offer the mineral zinc which is said to enhance motility and sperm count.

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Of course, there are many other factors that could affect the quality of sperm. Now, let us discuss about certain things to avoid in order to boost sperm quality.


Tip #1

Certain chemicals like Phthalates and BPA are said to reduce sperm count. Reduce the usage of plastic.


Tip #2

Even the chemical coating on non-stick pans is said to affect the sperm count. Try minimising their use.


Tip #3

Certain soaps, shampoos and even perfumes contain certain ingredients that reduce your sperm count. Minimise their use.


Tip #4

Using certain lubricants may not be favorable for the sperm to easily swim towards the egg. Stay away from such products.


Tip #5

Even canned foods are said to contain BPA which is said to hurt your sperm count. Avoid them during the time when you want to reproduce.


Tip #6

Avoid placing your mobile phone in your pocket as the radiation could affect your privates and minimise your sperm count.


Tip #7

Smoking is the biggest enemy of your sperm. Quit it totally before you reproduce.

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