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Can You Delay Your Periods With Birth Control Pills?

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Birth control pills are commonly used today by more than 80 percent of women. In India alone, women pop in birth control medications since it is considered to be the safest drug to postpone a period.

Gynecologists too suggest that birth control pills are safe and depending on your health and menses cycle it is important for every woman to understand the effects and results of this little pill.

Can You Delay Your Periods With Birth Control Pills?

On the other hand, doctors advice the frequency usage of this pill can cause birth defects in the foetus. It can also hamper with the mother's brain and heart since birth control pills do have properties which tend to clot the blood, thus causing an onset of stroke and heart attacks.

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Now, there are different types of birth control pills. According to studies, only these four are the safest to use since it's effects on the human body are less.

The four types of birth control pills that delay periods:
Traditional Birth Control: These pills come in a pack of 28. Out of these 28 only 21 or 22 of these pills are active and contain hormones for birth control.

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The CBC Pills: These pills have to be taken for a continuous 3 months. Unlike the traditional birth control, the CBC pills are a combination of estrogen and progesterone that prevents ovulation when consumed daily. This little pills are very effective and women who have a 28 day cycle should opt for the CBC Pills.

Monophasic Birth Control Pills: Each of these pills comes with equal and same mix of hormone for each of the days.

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Multiphasic Birth Control Pills: These pills, the quantity of hormones varies from one week to another.

What Does One Benefit From Delaying A Period With Birth Control Pills?
Using hormonal methods to skip periods also decreases a woman's risk of ovarian and uterine cancers.
Some women have excruciating migraines around and during their period because their bodies are especially sensitive to the hormone fluctuations that occur.
Popping in active birth control pills which contain hormones, not the placebos will make you skip your period. This will prevent you from developing anemia.

Drawback Of Delaying Periods With Pills

Breakthrough bleeding is more usual during the first few months and it reduces with time as you continue with your birth control pills. Breakthrough bleeding is the only disadvantage you face.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 12, 2016, 11:30 [IST]
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