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5 Causes For A Negative Pregnancy Test

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At some point of time in a woman's life she wishes to get pregnant, have a family and settle down. For a woman, having a baby and bringing this new life into the world is joy that can never be explained.

However, when she takes that pregnancy test and it turns out to be negative, it breaks her heart. It is said there are some reasons why the pregnancy test comes out negative and we at Boldsky would love to share those reasons why your dream hasn't come true.

According to experts, a woman must wait for some time after her missed period for hCG levels to be detected. For example, there is less chance of a negative pregnancy test if the woman has taken the 10 days after her missed period.

Causes For A Negative Pregnancy Test

If she has other signs accompanying a missed period, then there is a possibility that this test will show two lines on it. However, with every woman it is is different, so there is a high chance that the woman's body is not producing hCG appropriately and this leads to a failed pregnancy.

In cases like this it is important to wait for a few more days and take another pregnancy test for better results. And, after this if the test still shows negative, it is time to see what might be the problem for a negative pregnancy test.

So, take a look at these causes for a negative pregnancy test:


Diluted Urine: Refrain from drinking too much of liquids before you take the test. Urine should not be diluted too much as it can hinder with the results of the pregnancy.

Timing Of The Test

Wrong Timing Of The Test Taken: The reason why the pregnancy test should be taken in the morning is because the urine is undiluted. In the morning, the hCG levels can accumulate appropriately in the urine which will only lead to better and positive results.

too soon

Is It Taken Too Soon: Doctors state that one should take the pregnancy test only after a week or 10 days after intercourse. If you take it before the period stated it could lead to a negative pregnancy test. It is also best to take the test only after you have missed a period.

The Test Might Be Expired

The Test Might Be Expired: When you tear open the cover of the pregnancy test, make sure that you use it immediately. Storing an open test for more than hour will affect the product. On the other, it is also wise to check the expiry date of the test before purchasing one.

Unpredictable Hormones

Unpredictable Hormones: Hormones play havoc in a woman's life. If you feel that you might be pregnant follow certain safe rules before taking the test. There are some women who take the test assuming that they are pregnant, without even having intercourse.

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