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Can A Transgender Person Get Pregnant?

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Most of us might have come across transgender people, more commonly known as 'hijras' in India. Have you ever wondered if a transgender person can get pregnant?

Well, we may be aware that transgender people usually come with gender identities that are different from what was assigned to them at birth, by the doctors.

Being transgendered or transsexual can either be a psychological condition or a physical condition, or at times, both!

Can A Transgender Person Get Pregnant

Due to certain chromosomal abnormalities, transgender people are sometimes born with a chromosome pattern that does not categorise them under one specific gender.

For example, a trans-woman, who was assigned to be male at birth, but has a female gender identity, comes with 'XY' chromosomes, which is typical for a male, but has no uterus.

And a trans-man, who was assigned to be female at birth, but has a male identity comes with XX chromosomes, and has uterus and ovaries; however, they may also possess certain male qualities like having a deep voice and some can even have under-developed male genitalia.

Can A Transgender Person Get Pregnant

Pregnancy And Being Transgender

So, a trans-man with an XX chromosome has the possibility of becoming pregnant, as he may possess uterus and ovaries.

However, if a trans-woman wants to become pregnant, then a number of medical procedures must be conducted such as implanting the embryo in the person's abdomen and administering hormone therapy.

It is also noted that such a type of abdominal pregnancies in trans-women can be extremely dangerous and possibly life-threatening, as there is a possibility of the embryo growth affecting the surrounding organs.

Can A Transgender Person Get Pregnant

Also, trans-women can experience complications such as ectopic pregnancy, in which the foetus is developed outside the retinue cavity, as trans-women do not possess a uterus, which could lead to fatal consequences if not treated.

So, pregnancy can only be possible in trans-men, if they possess a functioning uterus and ovaries; and with the right kind of hormonal therapy, they can expect to have fairly healthy pregnancies.

However, due to the negative attitude towards transgender people in the society, many trans-men may hesitate to become pregnant and start a family, as they are afraid of the consequences their children might face in the society!

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Story first published: Friday, September 16, 2016, 16:12 [IST]
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