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Trying To Conceive Twins?

It is not everyday that you find a couple who are trying to conceive two babies at once! But the number of people who wish to conceive twins is rising rapidly. This is the age of working mothers. So if a lady with a demanding career wants to have two kids in her family, she has to take two breaks from her job. It is much more convenient to get pregnant just once and have multiple births.

So if there is a need there must also be a way for trying to conceive two at once. Actually, in most cases it is sheer dumb luck that results in twin babies. However, with the help of scientific research we have come up with some points that might make the odds in your favour.

Tips For Trying To Conceive Twins:

1. The Older You Get The Better Your Chances: This way to conceive twins is perfect for all busy working women. Either way they try getting pregnant much later in their reproductive life. It has been proven by science that ovulation goes through a hyper active phase just before menopause. So there is good chance that more than one egg will be released from your ovaries in between your 35 to 45 period.

2. Fertility Treatments: As you have already noticed, most of the celebrities who undergo fertility treatment or have test tube babies end up with twins. Take Sarah Jessica Parker for example. So if you are having trouble getting pregnant and have to go for IVF then there is good chance for you to have a double bonanza.

3. Family History: Do you have at least a couple to twin aunts or uncles? If your family has precedents of multiple births then there is hope for you too. You need not wait to get into your late thirties. If it is genetic then you can try right away for natural twins.

4. Conceive While Nursing: If you get pregnant while you still breastfeeding your baby, then your chances of having twins increases. Many renowned scientists believe that contrary to what we think, breast feeding actually accentuates ovulation. It is not proven but the hypothesis is worth a try.

5. A Diet Of Milk And Yams: Having your fill of diary products at the time when you are trying to conceive is supposed to have a positive effect on your chances. In fact, a research done on a particular African tribe that had a record number of twins concluded, that a diet of yams or sweet potatoes induces twin pregnancies.

6. Obesity and Twins: This is not the most healthy way to conceive twins. It is more like a social-medical trend. As a huge proportion of women suffer from obesity these days, there are many incidences of obese women having twins. But your natural twins will most probably not be look-a-likes (maternal twins).

These tips can help you if you are trying to conceive more than one baby at a time.

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Story first published: Monday, March 19, 2012, 12:15 [IST]
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