Don't Get Pregnant Second Time Too Soon!

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Pregnant Second Time
Getting pregnant second time may not be a happy affair for all. For example, how would you like to conceive within 3 months of delivering your first child? Nightmare isn't it? To avoid such an unwanted postpartum pregnancy that can send your life for a toss you need special birth control methods. This is because not all ways of contraception will be suitable for a woman recovering from child birth. There is also the added strain of feeding the baby.

Here are some facts that you need to understand in order to avoid getting pregnant for the second time immediately after your first baby.

Facts About Getting Pregnant Second Time In Postnatal Period:

1. Your ovulation cycle goes for a toss after delivering a baby. It is a very difficult task to predict when you will start ovulating. The standard is taken as 45 days after birth but it can be as early as 25 days (if you are breastfeeding) or as late as 70 days (if you are not).

2. So don't count on your normal calculation of safe and unsafe days until and unless you settle into a routine. This is because your ovulation is also affected by whether or not you are nursing. Nursing can alter your ovulation pattern in unpredictable ways so. Don't depend on it.

3. Just because you are nursing your baby does not mean you cannot have an unwanted postpartum pregnancy. You need to use proper contraceptives even when you are breastfeeding.

4. Oral contraceptives as a birth control method can be used for planning a pregnancy after you have had a baby but not all pills are suitable to avoid postpartum pregnancy. Pills that contain the female hormone estrogen should not be taken while nursing. Just like nursing during pregnancy is bad due to hormonal imbalances, it is the same case with hormone tablets.

5. Most oral contraceptive pills take a certain period of time to be effective. It is usually 30 to 45 days before the pill starts working. During this period you need to use other birth control methods to avoid getting pregnant second time too early.

6. Pills are much safer than other methods like condoms and diaphragms so use them coupled with an extra vaginal contraceptive pills to be safe.

7. However, mild progesterone pills can be taken. The question however is where these mild pills will suffice to avoid getting pregnant second time, especially if you have been taking them for a long time before your first pregnancy.

8. If you were using IUDs or Intra Uterine Contraceptive Devices like diaphragms or copper Ts then you need to get them refitted before you become active in your sexual life. This is because the dimensions of your uterine passage will change after a vaginal birth. Moreover these would have to be removed for delivering the baby anyway.

Planning a pregnancy is crucial so avoid getting pregnant second time accidentally in your postnatal period.

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Story first published: Friday, January 27, 2012, 11:48 [IST]
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