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Try These Exercises To Get Pregnant

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Exercises To Get Pregnant
When you try to conceive, all you think about is lifestyle changes and diet to get pregnant fast. However, there are exercises which can help you conceive fast and have a healthy gestation too! Healthy body makes it easy to conceive and also controls your body weight. Weight is one of the major concerns when you try to conceive. You should exercise regularly before conceiving to have a healthy baby. Take a look at the exercises to get pregnant fast.

Exercises to get pregnant fast:

1. When you plan to conceive, you have to try simple exercises which ensure timely and proper ovulation.

2. Prenatal exercises are different from the regular ones as jumping, stretching or too much of heavy exercises can lead to miscarriage.

3. Walking is one of the most effective prenatal exercise. Walking is a low impact aerobic exercise which doesn't lead to abdominal trauma too. A slow walk everyday is healthy. You can continue this exercise even after conceiving.

4. Cycling is healthy for the body in many ways. It relaxes your leg and thigh muscles, improves circulation, helps lose weight, strengthens pelvic muscles and increases blood flow.

5. Meditation is an effective yoga which not only relaxes your mind but also the body. When a woman plans to conceive, she gets stressed or tensed which can delay in conceiving. A peaceful mind and body keeps you active and fit. This also increases blood flow in the organs.

6. Swimming is one of the most preferred prenatal exercise for woman. Swimming laps, group water exercises and pool jogging are easy to do exercises. You can continue this exercise even after conceiving but consult your doctor before as few women can have high risk pregnancy.

These are few exercises which can help you get pregnant fast. These exercises can be continued during pregnancy but always take your doctor's advice before working out during gestation.

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Story first published: Monday, January 16, 2012, 12:52 [IST]
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