Side Effects Of Emergency Contraceptive Pills

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Emergency contraceptive pills are birth control measures to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. If you have unprotected lovemaking sessions, then the chances of getting pregnant is very high. If something like this happens,. Women take emergency contraceptive pills. These pills are easily available in the pharmaceutical stores. To avoid pregnancy, these contraceptive pills should be taken within 72 hours of making love.

However, these are emergency contraceptive measures and the pill should not be taken regularly. These 'morning after pills' or 'day after pills' can have harmful effects on the body. Lets brief out the side effects of emergency contraceptive pills.

Effects Of Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Disrupts ovulation: A contraceptive pill is intended to control ovulation and fertilization that can mature the egg with the sperm. The emergency pills disrupt the ovulation and fertilization to avoid pregnancy. It can be a problem for the next two menstrual and ovulation cycles. You might miss your date or get it before time (a week before or a week later). One pill disrupts ovulation for two months. If you continue taking emergency pills, the cycle will get imbalanced for more months.

Nausea: One of the common side effects of taking emergency contraceptive pills is that you will suffer from nausea. This is nothing serious and do not think that it is a symptom of pregnancy. High dosage of medications can make you feel nauseous. Many women also feel weak and vomit.

Periods: Many women get scared when they spot blood stains or bleed within few days after taking the pill. One of the effects of emergency contraceptive pill is, it can suddenly start bleeding. It is not a side effect so do not worry. If you bleed, it is sure that you have not conceived.Some women have experienced more days of bleeding. Generally, periods last for 6-7 days but few women get it for more than a week. This issue should immediately be discussed with a gynec.

Menstrual cramps: After taking the emergency contraceptive pill, a majority of women have experienced heavy bleeding and menstrual cramps in the next menstrual cycle. Be it after few days of taking the pill or in the next menstrual cycle date, women can suffer from menstrual cramps. It is not a side effect as your ovulation disrupts and this affects the reproductive system. So, when you get your periods, menstrual cramps are more severe. Do not take medicines. Just put a hot compress and drink hot water.

These are few side effects of taking emergency contraceptive pills. There are many other effects like headache, blurred vision or dizziness. These are light health problems that occur for a day or two. If you take this birth control measure regularly, your reproductive system might damage and this can lead to miscarriages. So, always use it during emergencies and avoid making love without protections.

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