What To Do After Pregnancy Test Is Positive?

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Pregnancy Test
When the pregnancy tests show positive results, the stability of the mind is lost and you start thinking many things. “Am I prepared?" “Can I handle pregnancy?" “What if...?" “How to tell him?" “Its a bright new chapter of our life!" Are few questions, doubts and happiness which capture the mind of a pregnant woman. The very time when you come to know that you are pregnant, mixed reactions and confusion can make you panic for sometime. To be clear about the next steps to follow, here is what you should do after knowing that you are pregnant.

Get a blood test: Home pregnancy tests are accurate but to be more confident about the pregnancy, get a blood test. You have to visit a gynecologist and follow a pregnancy guide. Through blood test, the problems especially complications can be detected.

Encourage each other: A man also feels happy, confused or sad after he comes to know that you are pregnant. During pregnancy, the couple should have support of each other. Most of the men get scared of the upcoming responsibilities. If you want to continue with the pregnancy, take a mutual decision and build a positive attitude.

Take vaccination: As it is winter, pregnant women are prone to getting flu and infections which can be harmful to the baby and expecting mother. Take the desired vaccination for a healthy pregnancy.

Prepare mentally: For a woman, getting pregnant can be very stressful. Tensions of the delivery, baby's future and responsibilities can frighten her also. Its time to be careful about your diet, exercise and health concerns. You have to prepare mentally that a new member is going to come to the family and the unknown fact is, after a baby, the love between couples increases more!

After knowing that you are pregnant, follow these guidelines for a peaceful and healthy gestation!

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Story first published: Friday, November 18, 2011, 13:52 [IST]
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