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Is Alcohol A Cause For Miscarriage?

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The moment you plan for pregnancy or confirmed, the first advice your pals would give is not to drink. But how drinking or alcohol consumption can affect the baby development? Our attempt for today is to help you understand the effects of drinking specially during pregnancy. Do not miss to have a look.

Causes For A Miscarriage

1. According to the research conducted it is confirmed that drinking 4-5 glasses of alcohol can increase the risk of miscarriage during the first trimester phase. Even if it doesn't cause a miscarriage, drinking in the first three months of pregnancy can have toxic effects on the fetus.

2. Miscarriage generally occurs due to the abnormalities in the formation of the cytoplasm in the egg. The cytoplasm plays a big role in protect the egg but the alcohol consumption may disturb the layer thus increasing the chances of miscarriage.

3. A disorder called fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) mainly occurs due to drinking alcohol that may impair the baby growth, cause mental retardation, behavioural problems, facial abnormalities and dysfunction of nerves. Even for the mother, it may affect heart, nervous system (loss of stability), mood swings and weight gain.

4. Alcohol consumption has adverse effects on the reproductive system. Excessive consumption can even alter the chances of pregnancy. Even after a miscarriage, the woman cannot hope that she may get pregnant again. Alcoholism can harm ovaries and result in the ovulatory dysfunction. The irregular periods, lack of ovulation are some of the common problems.

5. Many pregnant women are into a misconception that drinking alcohol post pregnancy, that is in the second and third trimester phase is safe which is true. There may be lesser chances of a miscarriage during that time but the effects on the newborn is still high.

For women, who cannot leave smoking or drinking need to understand that they do not have any right to harm the unborn baby which is a true gift by god.

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Story first published: Friday, November 18, 2011, 13:34 [IST]
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