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Top 5 Popular Celebrity Abortions

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Celebrity Abortion
Anything that celebrities do is news. From having secret affairs to getting pregnant to having an abortion, everything that they plan to hide from tabloid becomes a news for days. Today, we will talk about those celebrities (top 5) who revealed that they had an abortion due to personal reasons. Take a look.

Although many celebrities are against abortion (support pro-life movement), there are a few who had to or rather forced to go for the loss of pregnancy.

Top 5 Popular Celebrity Abortions

1. Lauren Goodger Abortion – Was called 'Disgraceful' by Mark Wright after she got their baby aborted. Goodger terminated her pregnancy as she was not ready for it. While boyfriend Wright was extremely furious with the decision and blasted her through tweets.

2. Chelsea Handler Abortion – The celebrity comedian had once stated that she underwent an abortion at the age of 16 and has no regrets about the decision. Handler, who is currently dating a hotelier Andre Balazs, said that the loss of pregnancy was a wise decision as it would be a little awkward for her to have a 20-yr-old kid.

3. Jennifer Aniston Abortion – The time when she became the Harper Bazaar's cover girl, revealed in the 140th issue of the magazine that she had an abortion at the age of 14. Even recently the favourite spinster had made news for having an abortion. But there isn't any reference about the baby and the father.

4. Gloria Steinem Abortion – The American social activist revealed that she too had an abortion when she was a young woman in London. In her documentary, she even characterised her abortion as a "pivotal and constructive experience".

5. Maureen McCormick Abortion – The American actress who was every teenager's dream, was a celebrity of secrets. The heartthrob of one time turned out to be a drug and sex addict. During the time, she traded sex for cocaine and was obvious to have undergone abortions.

An actress life is short lived and depends on the reputation and disciplined lifestyle. Some have achieved constructively post abortion while some have badly lost the popularity due to attitude issues.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 15, 2011, 11:28 [IST]
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