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Top 5 Abortion Facts & Myths

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Abortion Facts
Although abortion is still not legal act in many countries, it is supported and strictly condemned by women of different strata. For some, it is the decision to undo the mistake while others feel it is against the right of life. Today, we will discuss both the facts and myths of abortion. Take a look.

Abortion Myths With Facts

Myth 1: Abortion Is Very Dangerous
Abortion Fact 1: It is the proven to be the safest surgical procedures. The risk of death or any health related complication is less than 1 per cent. It will be surprising for women to know that giving birth to babies is more complicated than undergoing an abortion. It can, however, be dangerous to those who are mentally weak and are forced for terminating pregnancy.

Myth 2: An Abortion Can Reduce The Chances Of Future Pregnancy
Abortion Fact 2: A medical abortion has two procedures, one is the pill intake and the other is surgical removal of the foetus. The surgery includes a vacuum device, a syringe or spoon shaped instrument called a curette. The surgery can only risk future pregnancy if the cervix or the uterus is damaged. After an abortion, it is important to consult an health care provider about a healthy future pregnancy.

Myth 3: Abortion Causes Pain In The Foetus
Abortion Fact 3: If an women plans for an abortion during the first trimester of pregnancy, it wouldn't affect or cause pain in the foetus. The physicians and medical researchers say that about 99% women feel pain when they decide to go for abortion in the third trimester as the baby would have almost developed during the last prenatal stage.

Myth 4: Only Selfish and Self Centered Women Have Abortions
Abortion Fact 4: Although it isn't simple for women to decide, the idea of whether their age can take a responsibility of baby will prepare them for the loss of pregnancy. Many women support planned parenthood as it will help them in upbringing their children in a good way. But again, the thought of thinking about self itself is a bad behaviour. Any woman will have to plan a family before making out and not after everything is over. Haste is also a part of selfish behaviour.

Myth 5: Abortion Makes Women Mentally Strong
Abortion Fact 5: Many women get shattered when they know that they are pregnant and are not keen on starting a family. It will make them weak, depressed and avoid meeting people. Some women, who are anti abortion might accept the fact and plan to be a single parent while some may terminate it as soon as possible and get free from the unplanned responsibility.

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Story first published: Friday, December 16, 2011, 12:38 [IST]
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