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Indian Baby Boy Names That Are Now So Overused But Still Loved By Many

The new-age parents now prioritise names for their children that are both popular and inventive. They prefer to avoid names that were once popular but are now overused! However, finding that unique name might be a difficult yet entertaining task.

The names that were once popular and unique decades ago have now lost their charm, probably because they have been used for decades or due to the addition of more names in the list that have put those names at the bottom of the list and categorised them as "overused."

Whatever the scenario may be, there are parents who still prefer those "overused" names for their children due to the traditional or religious significance of the names.

Here is a list of baby boy names that were once popular and are still loved by many.

1. Armaan

Meaning: Wish/Desire

2. Aaditya

Meaning: The Sun

3. Aryan

Meaning: Noble/From a high race

4. Arjun

Meaning: White/Clear/A great warrior.

5. Dhruv

Meaning: Pole Star/Faithful

6. Dev

Meaning: God/Divine

7. Eshaan

Meaning: A name of Lord Shiva

8. Farhan

Meaning: Happy/Blessed

9. Gagan

Meaning: Heavenly sky

10. Himanshu

Meaning: A name of Lord Moon.

11. Harshit

Meaning: Joyful/Joyous

12. Jai

Meaning: Victory

13. Krish

Meaning: A name of Lord Krishna

14. Karthik

Meaning: Courage/A name of Lord Muruga.

15. Kabir

Meaning: The Great

16. Lakshya

Meaning: Aim/Goal

17. Milan

Meaning: Comin together/Union

18. Manav

Meaning: Human/Youth

19. Naitik

Meaning: Moral/Determined

20. Nikhil

Meaning: Whole/Complete

21. Nithin

Meaning: One having the knowledge of morality.

22. Nayan

Meaning: Eye

23. Om

Meaning: Divine/Supreme spirit

24. Prem

Meaning: Love

25. Parth

Meaning: One who never misses his target.

26. Rithvik

Meaning: Desire/Saint

27. Rishi

Meaning: Sage

28. Rohan

Meaning: Spiritual/A name of Lord Vishnu.

29. Rudra

Meaning: One who drives away evil.

30. Rishab

Meaning: Superior

31. Shekhar

Meaning: Ultimate/A name of Lord Shiva.

32. Sahil

Meaning: Leader/Guide

33. Saurav

Meaning: Fragrance

34. Sushant

Meaning: Calm/Quiet

35. Sathvik

Meaning: Virtuous/A name of Lord Shiva.

36. Tushar

Meaning: Cold/Ice

37. Tanmay

Meaning: A name of Lord Ganesha

38. Tarique

Meaning: Morning star

39. Utkarsh

Meaning: Prosperity/Eminence

40. Umang

Meaning: Enthusiasm

41. Vishal

Meaning: Magnificence/Grandeur

42. Vivek

Meaning: Wisdom/Knowledge

43. Vivaan

Meaning: Full of life.

44. Veer

Meaning: Brave

45. Vikram

Meaning: Brave/Wise

46. Yash

Meaning: Success/Majesty

47. Zeeshan

Meaning: Moon/Princely

Story first published: Monday, August 15, 2022, 16:30 [IST]
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