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Simple Tips To Bond With Your Newborn

Just like how it takes a while to bond with a new person you meet, it takes some time to get to know your newborn better and form an everlasting bond with him/her. So, if you are wondering about how to bond with your baby, then worry not, it is quite simple!

Yes, bonding with a newborn may seem to be confusing and hard initially; however, in time, it will naturally happen and you can bond with your baby faster if you put in some effort.

As new parents, we will have a lot of concerns about our newborns, as we are still not used to his/her habits, meal/nap time patterns, certain health complications, etc.

Amidst all the baby chores, the parents tend to often forget that they have to follow a few steps in order to help themselves bond with their newborns and understand their baby better.

Bonding with the newborn is extremely important, or it may lead to psychological issues later on.

So, here are a few simple tips to help you bond with your newborn better, have a look.


Tip #1

A parenting tip to bond with a newborn includes breastfeeding as often as possible, as the act of suckling your child allows your baby to listen to your heartbeat, take in your natural scent, etc., making the bond more stronger.


Tip #2

If you want to bond with your newborn, ensure that you maintain eye contact while breastfeeding or bottle feeding them, or even while changing diapers, etc.


Tip #3

Carry your baby and look into a mirror and make sure your baby does the same, even though the baby does not get the concept of reflections, an image of you together will be captured in his/her mind.


Tip #4

If you want to bond with your newborn better, make sure that you spend some quality time with him/her, putting your phone away.


Tip #5

Parenting tips for new parents include singing to the baby softly, so that he/she registers your voice, which also helps the baby bond a lot better with you.


Tip #6

If you want to bond with your newborn baby, you can take baths together, as a research study has claimed that skin to skin contact can strengthen the bond further.


Tip #7

Tips to bond with your newborn also include talking to your baby often, even though you may feel that he/she may not understand you.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 7, 2016, 14:28 [IST]