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The Most Popular Indian Baby Boy Names Of 2016, Along With Their Meanings!

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If you are a new parent who has had a baby boy recently and you are planning on naming him soon, then you must definitely check out some of the most popular Indian baby boy names, trending in 2016!

Naming your child is a really big deal, as once you name him, it becomes his identity for life! So, it is extremely important to pick a name which suits your child the best and a name which comes with a great meaning and is also trendy.

Most new parents usually have a rather hard time trying to pick out the best names for their child, they would also be confused because they constantly keep getting suggestions from various sources!

Indian names are quite fascinating, as they come with exceptional, deeper meaning, usually associated with mythology, nature, etc.

So, there are a few common Indian baby boy names that have been very popular in 2016, if you want your baby to have a trendy name, then you need to have a look these popular Hindu baby boy names for 2016.


1. Abhik

Short and easy to pronounce, Abhik is a popular Indian baby boy name of 2016, which means 'the beloved one'! This is an apt name for your handsome little baby boy.


2. Ahaan

This popular Indian baby boy name means 'morning glory', mostly associated with the freshness of dawn. A great name for an active baby boy.


3. Avichal

Avichal means 'one is is immovable' which signifies strength and determination, this name can inspire your boy to be strong-willed!


4. Darpan

Another common Indian baby boy name in 2016, is Darpan, that means 'a mirror', a person who can reflect charm and goodness.


5. Havish

Havish is another name for Lord Shiva, if you are a devotee of Lord Shiva, then this name can be a very apt one for your son!


6. Jigar

Another popular Indian baby boy name is, Jigar, that means 'the courageous one'. This name can definitely inspire your child to be strong and brave!


7. Moulik

Moulik is a baby boy name that means 'precious or valuable', so naming your child Moulik will let him know how precious he is for his parents!

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Story first published: Thursday, August 25, 2016, 15:15 [IST]
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