Smoking And Drinking After Pregnancy

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All of us know that smoking and drinking during pregnancy is dangerous for the health of the kid and the mother. But what's also true is that smoking and drinking after pregnancy may also harm the kid's health.

Why Eating Together Is Necessary

Well, breast feeding mothers should be careful in what they eat and drink as alcohol may affect the milk. Studies show that babies may lose appetite or suffer insomnia if the breast feeding mother is an alcoholic.

What You Shouldn't Discuss With Kids

Also, smoking is also linked to the sudden infant death syndrome too. As alcohol gets into the breast milk too, the health of the baby can be impacted. Read on to know about more facts.

Facts About Smoking And Drinking After Pregnancy

Smoking And Drinking After Pregnancy

Fact #1
Don't think that drinking lots of water can remove the alcohol content from your breast milk. Only staying away from it for several days can allow your body to flush it out.

Fact #2
Drugs, smoking and drinking may pass on harmful substances to your child through breast milk. It is very important for mothers to be more responsible during the pregnancy and the breast feeding stage.

Fact #3

Fact #3
Smoking after pregnancy may have two issues. Firstly, it may pass on the harmful chemicals to your child through milk and secondly, the milk production may reduce.

Fact #4
A study claims that babies of mothers who smoke and drink frequently fall ill and suffer lower immunity levels.

Fact #5

Fact #5
Babies of mothers who smoke and drink may also suffer respiratory issues during the first few years according to a recent survey.

These are just a few reasons to quit smoking and drinking during the nursing years. If you know of more please share them with us.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 20, 2015, 11:19 [IST]
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