Benefits Of Baby Massage: Healing Touch

By: Asha Das
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If you feel that your baby is blissful when you hold them in your warmth, imagine how happy they will be with a full body massage. Many studies have proved that there are many health benefits for baby massage.

It can make your baby comfortable, help them sleep more peacefully, and will be a good remedy for problems like constipation and gas trouble.

Your loving touch can do wonders on your baby. Apart from the physical health benefits, baby massage can give your baby a chance to increase their mental attachment and bonding with you.

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It is better if you can give a massage to your baby at the same time every day. But, remember that there is no such concept of ‘best time' to do a baby massage. You can give those loving strokes of touch to your baby any time around the clock.

Spending a little massage time with your baby will even make your bond stronger with the baby. If you know some baby massage tips, you can make the process more enjoyable and successful.

Here are some effective baby massage tips that will help you reap the health benefits of baby massage.



Improving parent-infant bond is one of the major health benefits of baby massage. Touch is the best way to express a thousand words to your baby. Your soothing touch will make your baby feel safe and secure. This will make her comfortable when you are around her.


Better sleep

A soothing touch can make your baby relax and calm down. Like the same way how you enjoy soft music to get your sleep, your baby will enjoy the tender touch of your fingers. This will let her sleep in a comfortable environment.


Improves blood circulation

It is a well-known fact that massage is the best way to improve blood circulation. This is true in the case of your baby as well. Giving a good massage will help improve her blood circulation, which will provide all the associated health benefits of a baby massage.


Relieve gas

Massaging over your baby's belly will relieve her from the pain of gas formation. Hold the knees and feet together and gently press the knees up toward the abdomen while you massage. Use this baby massage tip to prevent your baby from having too much gas.


Avoid constipation

Constipation is a common problem in babies. Avoiding constipation is one of the most important health benefits of baby massage. Gentle massage over the belly will help improve the bowel movements, thereby avoiding constipation.



Relaxation is the ultimate aim of a baby massage. A gentle massage will be more than enough to make your crying baby comfortable. Being relaxed is very important for a baby to get enough support for her growth and development.


Intellectual development

Massage time will provide an uninterrupted bonding time for the both of you. This is the best time to improve the intellectual capacity of your baby. Use this time to talk or sing to your baby.


Treat postnatal depression

Don't limit the health benefits of massage to your baby alone. Baby massage is the best way to help you recover from postnatal depression. The increased mental and emotional bond with your baby will help you overcome this.

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