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Nurturing A Shy Child: Best Parenting Tips

By Asha Das

It is natural that all parents want the spotlight on their children. There are many children who can express themselves in a crowd with no fear. But, there will be a few children hidden in the mass, who are very shy even to meet people and find it hard to get connected with people of any age group. Nurturing a shy child is not difficult if you know how to deal with them.

It is very important to find some parenting tips for shy children at a very early stage because shyness can even have a serious impact on the emotional health of your child. This will eventually affect even the social behaviour of your child.

Shyness can decrease the academic performance of your child, will keep them away from the friend's circle and can even break their family bonds with your relatives. Completely holding back from social connections may lead to depression and anxiety. These all matters increase the importance of nurturing a shy child.

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With proper support and care, your child can overcome the problem of shyness easily. If you are looking for some effective parenting tips for shy children, you can end your search here. Here are some easy parenting tips that you can try for helping your shy child.

Don't Scold Them: Don't scold your child when they hide behind you while you introduce them to someone. Just overlook the situation. Don't tell your visitor that your child is shy. Intentionally, create some situations so that your child can mingle with the guests.

Teach Social Skills: Allow them to go out and play with other children. You may have to clean a mess of dust and dirt, but nothing will be more effective than this friends' gathering for you to nurture your shy child. Being with children of the same age will teach them the basics of communication, sharing and relations.

Don't Label Them As Shy: It is very important to avoid labelling your child as shy. This will make them more stressed about their character. Being insulted in front of others will make them more depressed and anxious. Hearing you call them shy may make them think that shyness is a part of their character that cannot be changed.

Group Gatherings: One of the important tips for parents with shy children is to take them for group gatherings often. Meeting the same people again and again will help decrease the shyness. This will gradually help your child to make a change in their concept about social behaviour.

Create A Stage In Your Home: Family time is the best time for nurturing a shy child. Ask your child to recite a poem or to give a speech in front of the family. This is one of the effective parenting tips to nurture your shy child by making them more confident to face a crowd.

Encourage: All children love being praised by their parents in front of others. Encourage and congratulate your child for his achievements in your group gatherings. This will let them feel that they are special and outstanding among the other people in the group.

Communicate: In some cases, the reason for their shyness may be any sort of fear. Take some time to talk to your child about the shyness. Any previous bad experiences or assault from strangers can make them afraid, which you may think of as shyness.

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