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Baby Products You Don't Need

Shopping for a newborn is a massive task. Apart from it being a necessity, there is also some amount of branding, advertising and peer pressure that influences the choices of parents when they are shopping for their newborn.

If you want to keep the bills under check, you need to know what your baby doesn't need just yet. There are some baby products you don't need to splurge on. You can easily skip these and do baby shopping for less.

Most of the baby products you don't need are luxuries. It would be awesome to have a nursing pillow but you can do just fine without it. It might take some effort on your part to warm the baby's bottle, but a bottle warmer is not an absolute necessity.

Here are some things that you can strike of your baby shopping list.

Bottle Warmer
The old fashioned way of warming the bottle in hot water works just fine. Do not use the microwave to heat milk bottles. It creates hot spots that might burn your baby's mouth.

Baby Pillow
They do look cute but most babies do not sleep on baby pillows. You will need full size pillows to prop up your little bundle of joy.

Bottle Steriliser
You can use the quick way to sterilise the bottles without boiling. But most doctors will still advise you to boil the bottles to sterilise them 100 percent.

Nursing Pillows
It feels nice to have a nursing pillow, but it might be one luxury that you could deny yourself. You can do without a nursing pillow.

Play Gym
This is basically a play station for babies who have not yet learned to turn over. It actually serves the purpose for a few months only. It is much more cost effective to buy a baby crib with activities.

Vibrating Chair
Their is no guarantee that your baby will be soothen by the vibrating chair. In fact, it makes perfect sense to skip this baby product and soothe your baby by rocking him/her yourself.

Changing Table
A changing table is going to be defunct once your baby learns to crawl, which happens in 6 months time. It is much more economical to change diapers on the floor or on a dresser than being careful all the while. A changing table is the perfect example of what your baby doesn't need in terms of luxury.

Story first published: Monday, October 6, 2014, 17:10 [IST]
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