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Why Your Baby Needs Oil Massage?

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It is part of Indian tradition to massage the baby with oil to strengthen the bones. We have all grown up seeing grandmothers giving little babies a fine oil massage and laying them in the morning sun to generate Vitamin D in the body. Western philosophy did not support baby massage for a long time. But finally, scientific proof has been found that there are many benefits of massaging a baby.

Your baby need massage; there is no doubt about it. However, when you start the process and the massage techniques you use are vital. If you are cautious mother, then you would surely like to know why your baby need oil massage. Here are some of the most ardent benefits of a massage for the baby.

Baby Massage

The Feel Good Factor

When you massage your baby or anybody for that matter, the 'feel good' hormone oxytocin is generated in your body. This hormone gives your mood a high. So by massaging your baby, you are stimulating his or her hormones and so that the baby gets a hormonal 'high'. 

Why Your Baby Needs Oil Massage?

Maternal Instincts

Sometimes your maternal instincts don't kick until you hold the baby in your arms. In the same way, the baby also needs to identify you as the mother and get attached to you. Physical touch is a great way to connect with the baby and start building a bond. So when you give your baby a oil massage, it helps the baby get attached to you and vice versa.

Why Your Baby Needs Oil Massage?

Sound Sleep

Massaging is a great way to make sure that your baby sleeps soundly. Massaging makes the body muscles comfortable and soothes the baby into a deep sleep. The more you baby sleeps and rests, the faster he/she will grow.

Why Your Baby Needs Oil Massage?

Happy Baby

No body likes to play with a cranky baby. You must have noticed that some babies cry incessantly and are not friendly at all. You do not really want your baby to be like that. Massaging ensures that your baby cries much lesser. So what you have is a happy, smiling and friendly baby.

Why Your Baby Needs Oil Massage?

Improved Flexibility

You baby is not able to walk for about a year after its birth. So the baby's muscles need to be flexed. Massaging ensures that your baby's joints and muscles are flexible. Your baby may actually start walking sooner if you massage him/her regularly.

These are some of the major benefits of massage for the baby. Do you massage your baby regularly?

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