Tips To Make Baby Eat Solid Food

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Make Baby Eat Solid Food
Babies are very notorious FOR WHAT?. When it comes to feeding, breast milk is the best for them. This is because babies are used to mother's milk since birth. That is why, when you introduce solid foods to your baby, they start crying or turn their face away. These stubborn babies need to have solid food as the growing baby demands more than just breast milk. If your baby doesn't eat food, then here are few steps to make your baby eat solid baby food with ease.

Tips to make your baby eat baby food:

  • Check out if the baby is ready to eat food or not. Basically, babies should have breast milk or formula till 6 months. After that, you can slowly include solid baby food. Even if the baby starts getting teeth, make sure he or she is ready to have baby food.
  • Most importantly, do not be forceful. This can scare the baby and make him or her reject everything you offer. Even if you do not give cereals, your baby will deny eating thinking that you are giving the same cereals. Small babies have their own understanding levels. Many mothers forcefully feed cereals or cow's milk so that the baby starts developing a taste. Well, forceful feeding will not work. You know that the baby has only developed a taste towards breast milk, so smartly plan to include solid baby food.
  • Diverting the baby's mind while trying to make him or her eat solid baby food will work wonders for the mother. Keep some toys in front of you. Old toys are known to the baby, so have something new in your hand every day. It can be the house keys or a comb or a bangle. Babies love to play with such interesting things. These items also keep the mind diverted.
  • Finger food is a great option to make the baby eat solid food. Instead of feeding them yourself, spread some food on the table and allow the baby to pick it up and eat it. You will be surprised to see your baby licking the food from the finger all by himself or herself. Actually, babies play with food and eat it thinking its a toy. So, instead of forcefully feeding with a spoon, give the food to your baby and see how happily he or she plays and eats the food. Make sure the food particles are small and soft to chew. Hard particles can get stuck in the throat so, mash it or give soft food so that your baby can eat easily.
  • Give food in less amounts at short intervals. This is one important tip to make your baby eat solid food. Give less amount of food at short intervals. This will keep them full and also help them develop a taste towards it.

Do you have any other tips to make your baby eat solid food? Share with us.

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