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Does Your Baby Sleep Whole Night?

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Does Your Baby Sleep Whole Night?
Does your baby sleep whole night? Often new mothers complain that their babies do not sleep whole night. This affects the health of the mother as she also needs proper rest. After a whole day's work which includes looking after the baby and doing other household chores, a woman needs proper sleep to stay fit and healthy! If you want your baby to sleep whole night, you have to observe the sleeping habits of your baby. Want to avoid staying awake whole night just to make the baby sleep? Try these easy ways.

Easy ways to make the baby sleep whole night:

Feed well: Full stomach will make the baby more sleepy. So, make sure you feed your baby before taking him/her to the bed. If you are breastfeeding, see that the baby drinks properly. When the baby starts avoiding the breast, understand that he/she is full. For day, you can feed in a bright and lighted room with toys around but for the night, feed at a quiet and dark place. This induces sleep in babies.

Short day naps: To make your baby sleep whole night, shorten the day naps. This makes it easy for the baby to sleep well at night. So, in day time, feed and let the baby take small naps while you do your household chores.

Stay beside your baby: A baby feels secure when the mother sleeps beside him/her. When you rock or sing for your baby to induce sleep, stay beside him/her for sometime. Few babies can feel if you go away from them and this is why they get up crying. So, be present for 10-15 minutes after making your baby sleep.

Follow a routine: To make a baby sleep well at night, follow a routine. Sleeping at different timings will affect the baby's sleep. Follow a perfect timing everyday. Plan your feeding time accordingly.

Cozy bed: A dark room and a soft bed makes the baby sleep well. So, make it a point to set the perfect quiet ambiance to induce better sleep. Keep a separate blanket for your baby. This would be good for both the mother and baby. You will not pull the blanket whole night and disturb the baby.

Try these ways to make your baby sleep well every night! To make the night more peaceful, start from late evening. Do not make much noise and remove sound toys so as to induce sleep.

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Story first published: Friday, May 4, 2012, 16:24 [IST]
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