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7 Things To Pack In Baby Day Care Bag!

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Baby Day Care
Leaving your baby at day care centre is the worst part about going back to work. So its time for working mothers to buck and make the best of what they have. If you have to leave your infant at day care you can still make sure you are doing all your motherhood duties. Start by packing a 101 bag for your baby. It should cover the possibilities for everything that your baby might need during the day.

Here are some guidelines for working mothers to pack the perfect bag for their baby's day care centre.

Things To Pack In Baby Day Care Bag:

1. Diaper Bag: The first one is an absolute must for the infant in a day care. It is not like they will leave your baby without a diaper at the centre but it is always better to have your own diapers. That way you can be sure of the hygiene and the brand your baby is using. If you do not want your baby to wear diapers all day then pack the homemade or natural replacement for it.

2. Baby Food: Many day care centres for the baby offer food but you can forgo that option. Any day care centre that forces you to accept their food option is not worth it. You have to understand your baby's nutrition needs from a pediatrician and prepare the food accordingly. You need to provide all the food for the day and also pumped breast milk if necessary.

3. 2 Change Of Clothes: It is always wise to pack at least 2 changes of clothing for the baby because babies are prone to soiling their clothes. Moreover you need to check on the temperature maintained in the day care centre. If the air conditioning is too chilly then you need to pack warm clothes too.

4. Baby Wipes And Bibs: If you don't want to wash clothes everyday you better pack sufficient baby wipes and at least one bib with the baby. The attendants have a lot of babies to feed at once and there is every chance of a spill or two.

5. Bowls, Spoons And Any Other Utensils: It is always advisable to feel the baby in your own utensils. The tiffin boxes, spoons, bowls and bottles used to feed the baby should be provided by you. That way you can make sure your baby is being feed in hygienically washed utensils. Provide spares if need be.

6. Toys: All day care centres are equipped with the best toys for babies but if you feel that your child cannot do without some of his/her favourites then give it by all means. Especially pacifiers are very important if the baby gets agitated.

7. Emergency Phone Numbers: Leave a highlighted list of emergency contact numbers along with a list of instructions in the day centre records and your baby's bag.

Use these parenting tips for working mothers leaving their baby at day care.

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Story first published: Monday, January 9, 2012, 12:26 [IST]
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