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    Cycling to Work is More Effective Than Hitting the Gym

    cycling to work

    A study has found that cycling to work is more effective than hitting the gym five times a week.

    Conducted by researchers at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, the study targeted individuals who work 9-5 jobs and are too tired to hit the gym afterward or who have too many responsibilities at home, like taking care of children and cooking dinner, and so do not have time to exercise. 

    The study, published in the International Journal of Obesity, chose 130 overweight adults who had BMI between 25 to 35 as participants. Other selection criteria included body fat percentage, limited physical activity during the day, and maximum oxygen uptake.

    The researchers then divided the participants into four groups.

    The first group was asked to cycle to and from work every day. The second group was assigned high-intensity workout five times a week. The third group was also asked to workout like the second group, but their routine was of moderate intensity. And the last group was the control group, and therefore, asked not to change anything about their day to day schedule for the duration of the study.

    When the participants were examined after 6 months, the winner was the group that was assigned the high-intensity routine. These individuals had lost an average of 4.5kg. But the close second was the group that was assigned cycling to and from work. They had lost an average of 4.2 kg.

    The group that was assigned a moderate intensity routine only ended up losing 2.6 kg, while the control group, as expected, lost none.

    What Does This Mean For You?

    Just that if you are too tired after work or have too many responsibilities at home, then you should definitely bicycle to work daily.

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    Story first published: Friday, November 3, 2017, 15:27 [IST]
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