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Being Overweight Increases Cancer Risk – Study

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Obesity and weight gain is one of the rising health concerns today. The moment one realizes that they are overweight and try to shed those extra kilos, it becomes really difficult. It is then one starts developing a number of serious health issues.

Of all, cancer is one of the major health problem that arises if you are obese. A new study report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says cancers associated with being overweight or obese account for 40% of all diagnoses of the disease in the United States.

obesity and cancer

The study also pointed that obesity linked cancers increased between 2005-2014. Hence, having a healthy weight is very important in order to prevent major health problems and staying fit.

Overweight leads to diseases,Obesity,Heart Attack| बढ़ता वजन दे सकता है ये बीमारी|BoldSky

So listed here are few of the best ways to prevent obesity. Take a look.


Consuming More Fruits & Vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and contains all the important nutrients that are important for the body. It also contains slow-digestible fibres which is why it helps in keeping one full for a long period of time.



A minimum of 30 minutes of exercises everyday is a must. Exercises may be in the form of walking, jogging or cycling. This helps in keeping one fit and also prevents the risk of obesity.


Cutting Down On Junk Foods:

Junk foods like pizzas, burgers, deep fried oily foods are rich in fat and calories. This quickly increases one weight and consuming these kind of foods on a regular basis makes one obese.


Cutting Down On Sugar Consumption:

Sugar in rich in calories and also fructose. The fructose leads to insulin resistance and raises insulin levels in the body. This in turn leads to fat deposition in the body and makes one obese.


Consuming Fibre-rich Foods:

Foods that are rich in fibre content have low calories and fat. It also keeps one full for a longer period of time. Consuming fibre-rich foods like whole grains are a must have if you want to prevent obesity.

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