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10 Sex Tips For Men Who Want To Be Good In Bed!

When it comes to sex, all of us want to have the best-ever experience. No matter how many times you have done it before, you want every experience to be better than before. Men are often concerned to give their best while making out. They want their partner to enjoy the lovemaking sessions like anything. For this, they often look for new ways to make things memorable and sensual. If you are also willing to do the same then you must not miss the interesting tips mentioned in the article to help you perform better in bed.

8 Foreplay Tips For Men To Have A Better Sex Life

1. Use Your Words to Seduce Your Partner

Words can generate emotions and therefore, you need to think about what you say to your partner. If you think that in order to be good in bed, you need to just seduce her physically, then probably you are wrong. Before seducing your partner physically, use your magical and tempting words to seduce her. You can text her and tell her how sexy she looked in her dress or which of her body you find the most attractive. You can also give her some hints regarding your sexual desires or fantasies. Let her know that you are crazy for her and can't wait to have her in your arms. This will surely make a huge difference.


2. Work Out To Improve Your Sexual Health

There are many exercises that can help you in increasing your libido. If you want to perform well in bed then you can give a try to these exercises. These exercises will improve your sex drive and will also keep you fit and healthy. You can try doing like kegel, planks, push-ups and squats to improve your sexual health.


3. Engage Yourself In Foreplay

Sex without foreplay will be dinner without dessert. You may satisfy your appetite with just a dinner but having desserts can make your dinner memorable. The same applies to foreplay. It helps you in exploring your partner and gaining pleasure before you get into the actual thing. Women generally need more time for stimulation when compared with men. Therefore, skipping foreplay can be a turn off for your woman. The foreplay will help you in achieving a better orgasm and knowing the likes and dislikes of your partner.


4. Ask Her Desires

Sex is never one-sided and therefore, it is important for you to know about your partner's desires and fantasies. You can ask the same during the foreplay as she will happily let you know her fetishes. This way you will able to know what you need to do so that you enjoy the most in the bed. You can satisfy your woman according to her desires and thus, she will be having the best sex experience of her life.


5. Bring Some Sexy Lingerie For Your Partner

Won't you love to see your woman in those lacy and sexy lingerie? If yes, then take her shopping to buy that lingerie. You can then love her in those sexy undergarments and admire her curves.

In addition to this, you too can buy some sexy undergarments for yourself. You can easily get them on e-commerce sites and in stores, of course. This can be one of the best ways of surprising her during your lovemaking moments.

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6. Try Sex Outside Your Bedroom

Who said that you can have sex only in your bedroom? You can do it anywhere in your house. In the kitchen, bathroom, drawing room, storeroom, etc. For example, you can try making out in the bathroom. Having sex under the shower will be exciting for you and your partner. You can also discuss this with your partner.


7. Order Some Kinky Toys

Don't underestimate the power of sex toys. If you are sceptical about them, it is high time that you give it a thought if you want to make your sex life more fun. There are many sexual wellness products available in the market and sex toys are surely one of them. They not only can enhance your pleasure but will surely spice up your lovemaking sessions. You can use a feather tickler, a blindfold or a pair of handcuffs if your partner likes it rough on bed. You can keep these toys as a surprise for your partner before you get into the actual thing.


8. Talk Dirty While Having Sex

You may be admiring the way your woman moans in bed while both of you are making love to each other but you may wonder how to make it more pleasurable for her. You too can do the same during sex. Rather than being quiet and focusing too much on gaining orgasm, try to look into her eyes and talk about the positions and her expressions. Talking dirty can really turn some woman on. In fact, it will elevate the sexual pleasure as you are letting your partner know what else you want to do with her. This will also let her know that you too are enjoying like her. This will excite your woman like anything and she will be enjoying the sex even more.


9. Try Edging While Making Out

If you want to prevent premature ejaculation and have your desired orgasm, then edging can be the best thing that you can do. It is a technique that can help you in delaying your orgasm and having it when you are willing for it. In this, you bring yourself close to the orgasm and then you stop the sexual stimulation to again get closer to the orgasm. This way you will be quite good in the bed and trust us your woman is going to love you even more after this!


10. Try Different Sex Positions

You have surely heard that variety is the spice of life. This is so appropriate for sex. If you are having sex in the same position every time then try experimenting with some new positions. There are many other positions that can double the pleasure and will spice up your lovemaking sessions. You can have the same on your couch, on the table or even while leaning against the wall. Make sure your partner is comfortable in these sex positions. Else, it will be a huge turn off for her and things may get spoilt.

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Apart from all the sexual tips, couples also need to focus on sexual hygiene is the most important thing, failing to which can cause numerous diseases and also it will be aa huge turn off for your lady love. You need to clean yourself every day properly and make sure you are not at the risk of any kind of infection. Using contraceptives is also an important thing.

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