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Wrong Posture Leads To Wrong Impressions; Know How To Correct It

Posture is the way we carry ourselves and how we hold our bodies when we are dynamic or static. Dynamic posture is how you carry yourself while moving, (walking running or bending), whereas statis posture is how you hold yourself while you are stationary, when you are sitting, standing or sleeping. The right posture, they say, is to stand tall and erect, shoulders back, head aligned with the body, belly tucked in, with feet shoulder width apart. Study of human posture is called Ergonomics.

A bad posture gives betrays your purpose totally by giving an unpalatable impression of you whereas a good posture says a lot about your personality and upbringing of course. In order to avoid bad impressions forming in the onlookers, we need to strictly avoid certain postures.

Avoid slouching, sitting forward and even lounging your arms and legs everywhere. You need to exhibit confidence, positivity and attentiveness if you wish to attract the attention of your audience. Often seniors and interviewers reject ideas and candidates only because of their sloppy body language. In order to be successful your body as well as your mind has to portray positivity, success and happiness Here is a list of such postures

1. Avoiding Eye Contact might show lack of confidence and reliability.
2. Overly strong eye contact might mean you are intimidating them.
3. Rolling eyes is rude and unprofessional.
4. A weak handshake might show lack of interest and enthusiasm.
5. If you do not face a person when he is talking to you, you are being disrespectful to that person.
6. Scowling is an indication that you are angry or upset.
7. Getting uncomfortably close physically to a person, is like violating their personal space.
8. Giving a fake smile means that you are not genuine and authentic.
9. Blinking too much can show anxiety and nervousness.
10. Do not rub your palms on your clothes to remove the sweat. You not only look anxious but also very nervous. Your clothes will obviously look unkempt and messy.
11. When someone is talking to you, do not tap your finger on the table and feet on the floor. It shows you are not interested in the conversation and you are plain bored.
12. In a job interview, if your body language shows nervousness and lack of confidence, the candidate can be instantly rejected.
13. If you are a lawyer or chartered accountant, you should not display any hint of negativity, disinterest, boredom, and nervousness. They will be discouraged from contacting you again.
14. Law enforcing departments evaluate the suspects by their posture
15. While talking, do not touch your face, or play with your tuft of hair, bite your nails or rubbing your head and neck. You are betraying your boredom and nervousness.
16. Don't fidget with your fingers constantly or be restless.
17. Do not hold any object like coffee mugs, or hand bags in front of your body in a shielding manner. It shows you are full of nerves, shy with low levels of confidence.
18. When you stroking your chin while listening to someone, you are judging that person. So the person before you feels uneasy about it.
19. The speaker will get an impression that you don't like him if you narrow your eyes while looking at him.
20. It shows disinterest if you look at the floor when others are speaking.
21. Placing your hands on hips or behind your head, hints at superiority complex.
22. Do not keep adjusting you tie or dress as it shows you are in discomfort and feeling nervous.
23. Do not slouch as a rule. It shows low self-esteem. Erect posture shows supreme self-confidence.

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