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Insanely Expensive Valentine's Day Gifts

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Valentine's Day Gifts
May be this year's Valentine's day might become most memorable for your partner and insanely expensive for you for spending a whooping amount on these luxury gift items. These gift items are affordable only to the elite or rather the upper class audience. So, have a look at the magnum pieces, and you may not be aware, they may become a part of your wardrobe after the February 14th.

Expensive Valentine's Day Gifts Ever!

1. Diamond encrusted Millennium Bra by Victoria's Secret – This expensive lingerie is made of satin and is encrusted with over 2,000 exquisite diamonds. It also has diamond-cut sapphires that are of finest quality. A strap of bra glitters with 2,000 diamonds and is priced about $10,000,000. It is definitely an ultimate valentine gift your woman could ask for.

2. Gianni Vive Sulman Watch & Perfume – There is something more to it than just a floral fragrance. The Gianni Vive Parfum contains a diamond wreathed stopper. It has a rich fragrance of jasmine and rose. The perfume is sealed in a exotic wood with the key made of gold, rubies and diamonds. The perfume is worth $88,698. Pop icon Michael Jackson bough a couple of bottles in 1998.

The Gianni Vive Sulman watch is no less. The diamond encrusted watch can also be the best party gift on the lover's day. It's priced at $520,000.

3. Stay At President Wilson Hotel, Geneva – The imperial suite at President Wilson Hotel is outrageously expensive. Being there for one night is as good as creating a Guinness record. The $33,000 suite will make you get the taste of becoming a president for a day. Your name will also be listed in the guests list of people who stayed in the luxury hotel room.

4. Designer Cell Phone From David Morris International, London – The famous jewellery designer of London can design your girlfriend's cellphone with diamonds, gemstones and platinum. The cellphone will cost you $104,050.

5. Jill Dyball Crystal And Diamond Bridal Bouquet – If you are planning to propose your girlfriend on Valentine's day. You can not only say it with flowers, but also with a crystal and diamond studded bouquet by Jill Dyball. There are bouquets in jade, Swarovski crystals and diamonds. The most precious diamond bouquet is priced at $350,000.

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Story first published: Monday, January 30, 2012, 16:27 [IST]
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