Fashion Disasters At SAG Awards 2012!

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SAG awards 2012 had its swan queens and black swans too. No award function is without its fair share of fashion disasters. These worst dressed celebrities who turn up at the award function in their wrong heels actually contribute to the entire hype and talk surrounding the red carpet. It is not like they have no sense of celebrity fashion but it is somehow not their day.

These are the celebrities at the red carpet of SAG Awards 2012 who did not exactly make our eyes dazzle.

The Worst Dressed Celebrities At SAG Awards 2012:

1. Busy Philipp : There is a time and place to go Bohemian and the red carpet of SAG awards 2012 is certainly not that place. While we would have appreciated this casual look of Busy Phillip at beach party, it certainly does not score on the list of red carpet dresses.

2. Jane Krakowski: Was she by any chance trying to look like a Harry Potter character? The black gown from Antonio Berard is witch like at best and wolf like at worst. It does nothing for her slightly plump body. It in fact accentuates all the not so flattering parts of her body. A classic example of being carried away by celebrity fashion.

3. Michael Pitt: If is strolling down the road looking for a guys pub to walk into? We don't know whether that is even acceptable 'formal' attire for the red carpet let alone being well dressed. The shoes are more like hiking boots than dress shoes. Shabby and certainly worst dressed among men

4. Tilda Swinton: Well we know of Tilda Swinton's weakness for toga like dresses with a touch of Greek god feel to it. Ideally it should suit her sharp Greek god looks but unfortunately she has got into the worst dressed list more than once for her weakness. Surely you remember her infamous black velvet toga at the Oscars a few years back! This is it is a white linen gown with a toga like fall from Lanvin. But the trouble is we can't fathom whether it is a 18th century night gown or a red carpet dress!

5. Zoe Saldana: Why should a lady so elegant and slender wish to cover up her body is something that looks like a white rag overall? Even if the rag overalls happen to be from designer couture Givenchy, the label makes absolutely no difference to the unflattering look. It is ill fitting and worse totally unbecoming on a lady as skinny as Zoe!

6. Maria Menounos: What Maria Menounos has to learn from this fashion disaster is that just because a dress makes you look busty, it is not your best bet. This dress is a confusion of styles; we don't know whether it is a corset on top of long skirt or a dress!

To all those celebrity fashion disasters at SAG Awards listed here, better luck next season!

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 11:56 [IST]
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