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Japan's Diamond Studded Toilet Worth $100,000

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It isn't very surprising when you read about a restaurant or an office cubicle built in the form of a western commode. The device that is designed for human excrement is now priced outrageously by its manufacturer.

The reason is simple, it is diamond encrusted and is priced a whooping of over $100,000. And if you have been thinking where on earth was this made, it is in the fastest country of the world 'Japan'.

The western commode was manufactured by INAX and a jeweler from Austria. The toilet comprises of 72,000 swarovski crystals and is showcased at a showroom in Ginza shopping centre.

Tourists from all over the world are wowing to take a look at the diamond studded toilet. In order to cope with the economic downturn, the Japanese designers came up with the expensive launch that is been drawing a lot of customers.

And when asked about the idea of decorating toilets, Kazuo Sumimiya, the director of the showroom stated that they believe their dieties exist in the toilet and through this, they want to educate customers to maintain lavatories clean and tidy. He continued to say that it is a part of the Japanese tradition from long ago.

Sumimiya added that the diamond studded toilet, if sold this year, would fetch about 10 million yen. The commode will be on display until it is sold or till the end of the year.

Although the onlookers loved the glittering toilet, they felt it too much  be very uncomfortable for use.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 12:00 [IST]
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