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In India’s First Garbage Cafe, Plastic Waste Will Get You Free Food

The waste crisis in India demands a lot more than Swachh Bharat scheme. So how precarious is the condition?

While the nation is drowning under loads and loads of garbage because, every day this country has been generating more than 1.50 lakh metric tonne (MT) of solid waste and about 90 per cent (1,35,000 MT per day) of the total amount is collected waste, mentioned India Today report.

But, this is not the only problem that is almost paralysing the nation, food hunger is also a matter of concern.

Thanks to a unique initiative by Ambikapur Municipal Corporation (AMC) in Chattisgarh, India has got its first 'Garbage Cafe' where the plastic waste will get you free food. How cool is that?

A city with less than 2 lakh population, this state has acquired the second position in the list of India's cleanest cities. Now, by opening one of its kind cafes, they are effectively trying to solve India's hunger and waste crisis at the same time.

It seems like the idea behind this initiative is to give plastic and take food. This efficient and sustainable idea will not only help in waste management but will be extremely beneficial to homeless people.

How The Idea Was Conceptualised?

It was the Mayor of Ambikapur city municipal corporation, Ajay Tirkey who proposed this idea under the municipal budget and received 5.5 lakhs to start with the project. The Garbage Cafe initiative falls under 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' (Clean India Campaign) and aims to built roads using plastic waste.

The cafe is located at Ambikapur bus stand. The AMC officials also mentioned to the municipal corporation that if they run out of adequate funds for this scheme, funds from MLA Constituency Development and MP Local Area Development Scheme will be added for the smooth functioning of the scheme.

Plastic Waste For Free Food

Under this initiative, the rag pickers or people from a disadvantaged background will get free food in exchange for a half a kilo or 1 kg of plastic waste. For 500g of trash, one will earn a breakfast and for 1kg of waste, a person will earn a full meal.

One the garbage is collected, it will be sold to Solid and Liquid Resource Management (SLRM), which will issue free food coupons to the garbage collectors. The coupons can be utilised for free food at the canteen.

Once the plastic waste is collected by the management, it will be recycled in their respective plants and will then converted to granules for the sale. While talking to media, mayor Ajay Tirkey said, the recycled plastic granules and recycled paper can make up to 12 lakhs a month.

Why We Need More Garbage Cafes?

In the long run, Garbage Cafe might improve the economic condition of the state and also reduce the spread of garbage-borne diseases. Also, when plastic is used in making roads, it makes the roads more water-resistant and helps them to last longer in case of floods. Therefore, this is cost-effective as well.

Let's pledge to make India garbage and hunger free!

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