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7 Strange Pregnancy Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

By Nia

Pregnancy has been viewed differently throughout the ages. There are several things that you didn't know about pregnancy. Here in this article, we are going to share some strange facts about pregnancy and these facts might blow your mind.

We bet, these crazy facts will change the way you view pregnancy! These facts are not only about human pregnancy but also about animal pregnancies as well.

Read on.


Female Kangaroos Are Pregnant Forever

Did you know that a female kangaroo is basically always pregnant? Studies have found out that during the time of drought or famine, the female kangaroo can pause their pregnancies.


Pregnancy Denial Is A Real Worry!

Studies have found out that pregnancy denial is a real problem as it can get much stronger with each passing day. The stats reveal that 1 in 2500 women deny that they are pregnant!


Injecting Urine In A Frog Revealed Pregnancy

This is the most bizarre way that people followed back in the 1960s to find out if a woman was pregnant or not. It was reported that the woman's urine would be injected into a female African clawed frog. The result of this would be decided on whether the frog would ovulate within several hours or not.


The Foetus Helps In Recovery

According to scientists, if a pregnant woman suffers damage to one of her organs or cells, it is seen that the foetus sends stem cells to repair it!


A Woman Gave Birth Even When She Was Brain Dead

In a 1991 report, it was found that a woman named Gaby Siegel was brain dead while she was pregnant. The woman was kept alive artificially for three months. She later delivered a healthy son.


Mosquitoes Suck On Blood When They Are Pregnant

Scientists have found out that mosquitoes suck on blood when they are pregnant instead of normally drinking nectar!

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